Exchange Overview

Exchange Overview

Our state-of-the-art computerized routing system ensures reliable deliveries in a timely manner. If the nature of your business requires you to add forklifts, modify work shifts or manage seasonal fluctuations, we accommodate our service to fit your propane needs and the way you do business.


Cylinder exchange eliminates the transfer of liquid propane on your property, removes the hazards your employees face in filling cylinders, and gets rid of bulk storage tanks that must be maintained and kept safe.


The time involved in filling a cylinder can range from 5min - 20min. depending on weather conditions or dispensing system. This can be very costly when you calculate an hourly employee’s time involved in re-filling cylinders. We estimate at least an extra $0.15 - $0.20 a gallon in filling cost.


During the course of time, cylinders must be repaired. This means more maintenance and cost for your company. Use American Cylinder Exchange and eliminate these unnecessary costs and worries.


Your company has a large investment in the cylinders you now own and continue to maintain. As part of our value-added service we provide new aluminum 33lb. cylinders and will always keep them in excellent condition.


In most cases, although not all, substantial savings on insurance is realized when bulk storage tanks are removed. This occurs because there is no transferring of liquid propane at your facilities and your employees are no longer involved in the transfer of fuel.